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The world's most prolific 10-year-old killers have been found guilty of hundreds of unimaginable murders... yet instead of being locked up, they have skyrocketted to an insane level of fame and celebrity! See the tykes bring their creepiness to the world of social media, reality TV and tiny handbag dogs. They're bringing the horror. They're bringing the sass. They're bringing the HORRORSASS.

666/666  The Twins Macabre are what you would get if Wednesday and Pugsly Adams had been fostered at The Rocky Horror Show‘s Baron Frank’nfurters Castle -HorrorHotHouse

Slay has been performed at The Old Red Lion as part of London Horror Fest and at The Quarry Theatre, Bedford. 



It's Playtime and the Twins are determined to put on a cabaret show! Witness the 10-year-olds try their hand at magic, stand-up, burlesque and all things variety in this murderously manic sketch cabaret. Dark comedy intertwined with vaudevillian theatrics, ghoulish music and just a touch of gore.

**** A darkly hilarious, nerve-jangling comedy rampage –Broadway Baby

Playtime was shortlisted for Best Show at the Fragility Takeover Awards. 

Playtime has been performed at Brighton Spiegeltent, Putney Arches, Guildford Fringe and Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 







Crime Doesn't Play 

 In the quiet town of Shadyoaks, the bodies of well-loved residents have been found in horrifying circumstances. City bigshot D.I. McKeith has been called in to assist local bumpkin Sergeant Jones. The pair have Maurice and Ivy, two strange and ghoulish siblings, in custody. Through the investigation, the detectives uncover the truth, which turns out to be more spine-tingling than they could ever have imagined. Delve into the darkest depths of the psychopathic condition and dare to laugh at what you find!

***** Crime Doesn't Play is a rare gem - laugh-out-loud funny, delightfully unsettling and genuinely scary. An absolute treat - miss it at your peril. -LondonPubTheatres

Crime Doesn't Play has been performed at the Old Red Lion as part of London Horror Fest and the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. 




Circus of Freaks 

Two avid ghost hunters welcome you to the circus tent that once played host to ‘Mr Splitfoot’s Circus of the Strange’. The tour is cut short when the most infamous act, The Twins Macabre return to create havoc. Through some darkly satirical sketches and songs, the Twins argue that modern day folk are just as freakish. 

**** ‘The Twins Macabre are what would happen is Edgar Allan Poe had tried his hand at stand-up.’ -GrumpyGayCritic

Circus of Freaks has been performed at the Canary Wharf Spiegeltent and The Museum of Comedy. 





Small Mediums at Large

Welcome to the Playroom Prison as the Twins take the whole audience hostage. The Twins relive their circus days, channel maleficent spirits, share flashbacks and play demonic party games. A high-energy, fast-paced 60 minutes of dark comedy.

**** An hour of mischief that will leave you wanting more -PostScript Journal

****  They make you laugh even when your skin crawls. –The List

Small Mediums at Large has been performed at Pleasance Edinburgh, London Horror Fest, Vault Festival and Devizes Comedy Festival.